“Always” by Atlantic Starr (Easy)


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Girl you are to me

All that a woman should be


And I dedicate my life
To you always

5°3° 2°2° 72° 3°
A love like yours is rare

1°2°3°5°6° 5°5°6°3°
It must have been sent from up above

And I know you’ll stay this way

2° 6°5°
For always

5° 7° 6° 7°
And we both know

5° 6° 7° 1°° 7°
That our love will grow

5° 6° 7° 5°
And forever

5° 6° 7° 5° 6°6°
It will be you and me

5°3° 2° 72° 3°
You’re like the sun

Chasing all of the rain away

When you come around

You bring brighter days…..

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Artist: Atlantic Starr

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