Tangled – When Will My Life Begin


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Arranged & played by Carved Culture


(C E) G C° D° E° E° D° E° E° D° E° G° A C°

(C E) G C° D° E° E° D° E° E° D° E° G° (F A)

(D F A) D° F° F° E° F° F° E° F° G° A C°

G (F A) E° C°(B D°)

G (F) A E° C° (B D°) G°

G C° D° (C E G) E° G° (F) A

E° D° C° (F) A C (G) B

C° D° (C E G) E° G° (F) A

E° D° C° (B) D° G° (C°) E°

C° D° (C E C) E° C°° (F A) A°

E° D° C° (B) D° D° (A) C°

G C° D° (C E G) E° A° E° (G B) G° E° D° (C E G) C°

Artist: tangled
Mood: Bright

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How To Read The Tabs

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Number Notes1234567
how to read tabs
  • A dot above a musical note (ex: 1° 2°°) raises it to a higher octave.
  • Notes inside a parentheses (ex: (135) ) are played together (slide/glissando)
  • The tabs/notes posted on this site are designed to be played on kalimba, but you can also play it on other instruments like: piano ,flute, recorder, ocarina , glockenspiel, clarinet, xylophone, otamatone, and etc. Simply use our online Kalimba Letter/Number/SOLFEGE (Do, Re, Mi) Notation Converter to convert the tabs/notes to SOLFEGE (do re mi) or letter notation (C D E).


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